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Industry: Manufacturing FMCG Industry: Wholesale Industry: Industrial Industry: Telecommunications Industry: Financial Services Industry: Retail Industry: Automotive Industry: Administration Industry: Construction Industry: Chemical and Cosmetic Industry: Bookselling Industry: Furniture Industry: Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Meat and Dairy Industry: Public Utilities Industry: Publishing

Manufacturing FMCG Asseco Business Solutions offers dedicated IT solutions to companies involved in the manufacture of and trade in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Wholesale The solutions of Asseco BS support managing activities in many leading wholesale distributing companies by providing a large spectrum of IT tools that improve the main processes. Industrial Zajawka Telecommunications The systems designed by Asseco Business Solutions support the operations of a number of renowned companies of the telecommunications sector by furnishing tools intended for the management of their key processes. Financial Services Asseco Business Solutions develops solutions for the entities of the financial sector that render factoring services, offer debt management or debt recovery. Retail Asseco BS offers professional IT tools that help render high-quality services of retail sales. Our systems are used by enterprises operating in different industries, owning points of sales or franchise stores. Automotive The products conceived by Asseco Business Solutions further the operations of automotive companies, both distributors of vehicles, spare parts and accessories as well as businesses providing broad services for the automotive industry. Administration The systems of Asseco BS support the operation activity of state budget entities and public administration bodies. Construction The experience of Asseco Business Solutions gathered in the construction industry includes implementations for both manufacturers and distributors of building materials and products... Chemical and Cosmetic Asseco BS has been involved in the chemical and cosmetic industry for over 10 years. The company offers advanced solutions that are implemented in large and medium-sized firms engaged in the manufacture and sales of cosmetics and household chemistry. Bookselling The systems by Asseco Business Solutions handle distribution undertaken by publishers and book wholesalers as well as bookshops and on-line stores. Furniture The users of the Asseco BS's systems are manufacturers and distributors of the furniture industry, including the producers of custom-made furniture. Medical and Pharmaceutical The systems furnished by Asseco Business Solutions support the management of pharmaceutical distributors, medical and rehabilitation equipment resellers and medical service providers. Meat and Dairy Asseco BS specializes in the development of advanced custom-made solutions for the meat and dairy industry. Our systems support business management, with a particular focus on the industry-specific requirements. Public Utilities The systems of Asseco Business Solutions support the operations of municipal companies such as gas and electricity distributors, water and sewage companies, heat and power producers. Publishing The systems of Asseco Business Solutions support management of the basic processes within the publishing business, such as the management of publishing projects, author agreements and the management of resources under such agreements.

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