Who We Are

Asseco Business Solutions is a Polish IT company which has been developing and deploying business management software for more than 20 years.



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Our systems facilitate business operations, regardless of the size, industry, nature, or requirements of the business. They streamline everyday routines, enhance processes, optimize, analyse and provide data and assist in strategic decision-making process.

The Past

Asseco Business Solutions was established in 2007 through a merger of several Polish companies, leading the domestic business management software market: Anica System, Safo, Softlab, WAPRO, and Incenti. In 2018, our company merged with Macrologic.

The newly-created Asseco Business Solutions entered the international Asseco Group to become its competence centre developing and maintaining the ERP solutions for business. All the solutions that have made their way into the portfolio of Asseco Business Solutions are now enhanced and upgraded drawing on the years of experience gained across different markets and segments. We keep working on the development of modern products that satisfy or even anticipate Clients' needs.

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Close to 600 Creative Individuals

Over 900 Creative Individuals

Our offices country-wide employ over 900 creative individuals, passionate about programming and software and competent in business-making.

Our personnel carefully attends to all our Clients' needs. We are ready to provide the top quality software and maintenance services for the deployed applications on a daily basis. Being part of the Asseco Group with a footprint in more than 50 countries means the opportunity to exchange know-how and experience among almost tens of thousands specialists world-wide.

Our Offering

  • ERP systems to manage the key areas of the business.
  • HRM applications to manage the human resources and payroll.
  • SFA/FFA retail execution solutions to enable and facilitate mobile workforce management.
  • Commercial data exchange platform to swap data between manufacturers and their business partners.
  • Factoring systems to manage the entire factoring transaction process.
  • Software for SMEs to manage small- and medium-sized business.


About Us




Asseco Business Solutions in figures…

Our systems
have been chosen
by the market leaders
in 40 
European countries
mobile solutions
have more
than 45,000
active users
We have sold
Asseco WAPRO
licences for SMEs
of pieces
of data processed
by Asseco Softlab ERP
every month
Our SFA systems
process orders worth almost
EUR 5 billion
per year
Our Asseco Softlab HR
manages data of
hundreds of thousands
employees every month
Our Connector Platform
exchanges over
90 million
messages a month
Our Faktor system
processed transactions worth
PLN 55 billion
in 2013


What Makes Us Different?

  • Many years of implementation experience
  • Access to the latest solutions and technologies
  • Product development capacity
  • Extensive business knowledge
  • Large scale of operations
  • A growing number of satisfied clients

They Trusted Us:

They Trusted Us