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For over 20 years, we have been implementing business management systems for enterprises. We assist our Clients in achieving their business objectives and support them in the use of our solutions: we want their daily work to translate into a continued development and profit maximization.

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    Pioneer Solutions

    Our strongest point are our products embracing the latest IT technologies.

    We develop ERP and HRM systems, mobile sales support and data exchange platforms, factoring solutions and a suite of applications intended for SMEs.

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    High-Rating Service and Maintenance

    In addition to the modern systems, we also offer comprehensive services that add to their effective roll-out and operation.

    More than ever before, we are now implementing our software in the SaaS model; in other words, it is fully outsourced. Our project structure provides for two lines of maintenance support for our Clients.  

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    Capacity to Pursue the Biggest Projects

    We are able to handle the largest IT projects up to several or more than ten thousand users.

    We possess adequate resources, knowledge and capacity to perform high-volume IT installations for our Clients.

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    Knowledge and Experience

    We boast many years of experience and the relevant expertise in IT solutions for business.

    Over the last 20 years, we have designed business-support systems for Clients operating in different business models. We have learned the ins and outs of many markets and industries.  

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    Numerous References

    Numerous References

    Our system have been deployed for the market leaders in several dozen countries worldwide.

    Our Clients include the biggest global players, large domestic enterprises as well as smaller organizations aspiring to boost their competitiveness with cutting-edge IT solutions. We are very proud of our Clients' loyalty.  

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    New Access Technologies in Asseco Softlab ERP

    New Access Technologies in Asseco Softlab ERP

    Depending on your needs, the specific functions of Asseco Softlab ERP can be used in a number of alternative ways and accessed via a web browser or mobile devices (Android/iOS).

    Asseco Softlab ERP system is used by tens of thousands of users on a daily basis; they run it to input and process millions of pieces of data, including hundreds of thousands of orders, goods release documents, invoices, ect.  

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    Mobile Touch by Asseco – high rankings from POI

    Our company has been ranked very high by the Promotion Optimization Institute in its recent POI Vendor Panorama. The report evaluates the most significant providers of the mobile Retail Execution technology.

    POI is seeing our company as a continued innovator in “sell more” capabilities and ultimately a global leader. We have also been recognized as the “POI Best-in-Class Recipient” numerous times for our innovative solutions for Retail Execution.

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    Management and Employee Portals

    Management and Employee Portals

    Our Asseco Softlab HR system reveals a new approach to the in-house management and communication through the use of the management and employee portals.

    The software developers have built on the years of experience gained when implementing for the market leaders. The program is made up of an array of modules that support the hard and soft HR areas.  

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    Tomorrow's Solutions of the Factoring Industry

    Tomorrow's Solutions of the Factoring Industry

    55% of all factoring transactions in Poland are processed by our original Faktor system.

    The latest version – Faktor 3 – facilitates business development through a number of innovative features and improvements that come in handy in the daily work. The program can be run on a variety of devices (including mobile platforms).  

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    Cloud Solution for SMEs

    Cloud Solution for SMEs

    Our Asseco WAPRO systems are made available in the virtual cloud, that is, are accessible over the Internet with the need for a desktop installation.

    The users of Asseco WAPRO no longer need to invest in an expensive infrastructure to start and operate the suite. Now, a computer fitted with an operating system and the Internet access are enough to efficiently manage your own company.  


Asseco Business Solutions in figures…

systems are run
by the market leaders
in 50
countries worldwide
mobile systems
have more
than 45,000
active users
SME licences
of pieces
of data processed
by Asseco Softlab ERP
every month
Our SFA systems
process almost
EUR 5 billion
worth of orders per annum
Our Asseco Softlab HR
manages data
of hundreds
of thousands
of employees every month
Our Connector Platform
exchanges over
90 million
messages a month
Our Faktor system
processed almost
PLN 55 billion
worth of transactions
in 2013 only