Systems for an Efficient Management of Large and Medium Businesses

Our Enterprise Resource Planning software supports the company management right at its business core. They enhance the logistics, manufacture processes and many more. They enable effective sales, warehouse management, and optimize finance, fixed assets and personnel management.

Systems for an Efficient Management of Large and Medium Businesses

A Wealth of Features

A Wealth of Features

With its function-rich and modular design, our ERP software covers most business processes occurring in the company.

The solutions are also fitted with a variety of tools allowing their easy adaptation to the Client's and its industry-specific requirements.


Original Methodologies

Our ERP implementations follow our original and proven methodology.

In addition, we have devised our original change managing method: any changes or updates to the ERP systems are smooth and quick, error- and downtime-free, which is of significance to any organization.



ERP - Original Methodologies

Tax Relief

Implementing our ERP solutions makes you eligible for the new technology tax relief!

Our suite of solutions branded Asseco Softlab is a “new technology” within the meaning of the provisions on income tax law; therefore, its purchase for business purposes authorizes the buyer to take advantage of the so-called new technology tax relief.

A Manager's Opinion


Jacek Lisowski zdjęcie do cytatu

Asseco Softlab ERP has been marketed for over 20 years and can be seen across large and medium-sized companies Poland-wide. The program enables them to achieve measurable business benefits, among them increased efficiency, cost and process optimization, rational use of the company resources, or an enhanced quality of cooperation with customers.

Jacek Lisowski
Asseco Softlab ERP Sales and Implementation Director


What Do You Gain by Implementing Our System?

  • Easy and quick access to such information as, for example, trade, financial, human resources, and other data.
  • Optimized use of available resources.
  • Informed and smarter decisions based on the current and consistent data and better scheduling.
  • Control over and the shaping of financial and material flows.
  • Costs and resource optimization.
  • Increased efficiency of in-house processes.

Clients About Us

We were after an ERP system that offers the standard features, that is, the same for all customers, but, additionally, provides bespoke solutions that meet some specific requirements. We found all these in Asseco Softlab ERP. The pre-implementation analysis allowed us to pinpoint our specific needs, which enabled the vendor to dovetail the system with our company's operations. Now, our business has become visibly more effective, and the system has empowered us to maintain a competitive advantage on the market.

Andrzej Basiak