The Asseco House of Sales is an innovative Global FMCG Sales Platform which consists of a set of comprehensive solutions for sales excellence in the FMCG industry.

The Asseco House of Sales covers all the processes which are important for sales organizations to win at the shelf:



Mobile Touch SFA 1.0 offers comprehensive fundamental functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution, enabling the basic functions (e.g. routing, call planning, call execution, surveys, promotions, orders).

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0. also provides the next generation of SFA 2.0 capabilities and helps FMCG companies to push the boundaries beyond SFA Fundamentals. The platform includes innovative tools - the SFA Game Changers helping our clients to sell more. These include Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO), Perfect Store, Motivation, Coaching, Smart Presentation and many more.


Global delivery

Ours SFA solutions can be deployed globally - on multiple continents and in many different countries, including the ability to deploy on multiple markets in parallel.

Our specialized program deployment methodology includes common template creation on a global or regional level and a localized roll-out to specific channels or markets.


Designed for user needs

Our user-friendly, SFA platform is intended for either iOS or Android-powered mobile devices helping your sales force perform their activities more efficiently than ever!

It enables faster access to information, including multimedia content, and assists in the sales process through visual presentation of promotional offers or shelf standards.

Working with a cloud

Processing in the cloud allows our SFA software users the optimum use of resources.

The systems can be hosted in Data Centers across the globe spanning from the Americas via Europe to APAC. In Europe we offer a private cloud based in the EU. In the Americas the data center is located in the US. The APAC data center is operating in Hongkong and Singapore.

We offer full support services based on the customer’s specific SLA definitions no matter in what time zone or country their users are located.

POI Best-in-Class awards for our solutions for Retail Execution

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) included our company in its recent report “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018”. We have received very high rankings in both the company and the product assessments.

We have also been recognized as the “POI Best-in-Class Recipient” multiple times for our innovative SFA 2.0 solutions for FMCG. POI emphasised our innovations like Retail Activity Optimisation, Coaching, Gamification and our leading-edge User Interface.


Our mobile systems have been used for almost 20 years by many FMCG leaders in multiple countries. They include both consumer goods multinational and local organizations operating in diverse sectors such as food, beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, near food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and others. The software was chosen by the clients such as Nestle, Bacardi, Wrigley or Mondelez International.

Full commitment to innovation and thought leadership


Dr. Andreas Enders zdjęcie do cytatu

For almost twenty years we have been delivering mobile solutions to the FMCG industry. As a partner to many leading consumer goods companies we keep analyzing how this market segment is evolving and how the working methods of sales forces are changing. Based on this, we develop new functionality that can help our clients continue their growth and maintain the leading position in their industry.

Dr. Andreas Enders
VP International Sales & Implementations

What Do You Gain by Implementing Our Systems?

  • Greater productivity and performance thanks to the ability to visit more customers by the same number of mobile resources.
  • Efficient management of the network of sales representatives.
  • Enhanced customer service quality through easy and fast access to information from any location and at any time.
  • Optimized operating and personal costs.
  • Eliminated risks of error by the personnel performing tasks outside the system (e.g. annual collection of orders, etc.).
  • Possibility to cover new geographies and grow the business.



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Clients About Us

Mobile Touch will enable us to improve sales performance, push the boundaries and win the market by boosting sales and reducing costs-to-serve. With such an innovative tool our Sales Reps will work more effectively and they will be able to achieve the best outcome based on the current and past sales data analysis.

Daniel Branchadell