Our outsourcing service further the current business and help curtail costs.

They also offer regular access to the expert knowledge and shorten the time needed to complete various tasks. The services of IT outsourcing are provided in our Data Processing Centre. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Our outsourcing service further the current business and help curtail costs.

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Nasi klienci mogą skorzystać ze wsparcia naszych specjalistów w wielu ważnych dla siebie obszarach.

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Business Operation Support

Our Clients can benefit from our experts’ support in many areas vital to their business.

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A Manager's Opinion


Tomasz Kaznowski zdjęcie do cytatu

It has been more than 10 years since our company started to offer fully outsourced software. Ever since, we have partnered up with many Clients, so our experience in the field is quite impressive. We have always made every effort to ensure the high quality of our services. That is why we keep investing in systems development with the greatest pressure put on ergonomics and the security of processing data, which is invariably a very sensitive asset to our users. We store customer databases in our own, state-of-the-art Data Processing Centre, a powerful and high-performing facility designed to meet the highest security standards, both at the technical and organizational level.

Tomasz Kaznowski
Direktor of Mobile Systems Maintenance Department


Fields of Operation

Our company delivers its services to large and medium-sized enterprises, public administration and institutions, as well as corporations representing such economy sectors as finance, heavy industry, or telecommunications.

Our IT outsourcing services include: collocation, hosting, system administration, maintenance of ERP/CRM systems, WAN network design and administration, WAN network outsourcing, monitoring and failure handling, data backup and archiving, outsourcing of human IT resources, security solutions and additional services, such as system and application integration.